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Key notes: helps communities create assets without relying on tax revenues.

Office address: 115 W., 18th Street, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Description: Launched in early July 2012, helps communities create assets without relying on tax revenues. They're partnering with the cities, communities, and organizations to create rewarding opportunities for citizens, companies and institutions to earn perks, engender goodwill, release good karma, and generally get that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from improving the places we live. The mission is clear: transform the community asset from a funding obligation affecting a defined tax base into an opportunity open to anyone in the world.

$ 295,000 over 3 funding rounds.

Funding Rounds

Date Name $ Invested Crunchbase link
2014-05-01 seed $ 20,000 Detailed data
2013-06-18 grant $ 175,000 Detailed data
2014-07-01 seed $ 100,000 Detailed data


Round Date Round Name Investor Crunchbase Link
2014-07-01 seed 500 Startups Investor Profile
2014-05-01 seed Tumml Investor Profile
2013-06-18 grant Knight Foundation Investor Profile

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