Publicize your accelerator by making sure the information on Seed-DB is as complete and up-to-date as possible.

Your ToDo list:

  1. Request edit access for your Seed-DB entry.

    • Login to Seed-DB to create an account
    • Go to the Seed-DB page for your accelerator and click on the "Contact Jed" link at the bottom asking to be added as an administrator.
    • Your account will be manually reviewed and authorized before being given account access.

  2. Create Crunchbase profiles for each of your accelerators' companies

  3. (Ideally have the startups do this themselves!)

    Complete as much information as possible

    Be sure to list the funding from the accelerator as a funding round!

  4. Create a file with key details of all your program startups

  5. The format is as follows (save as CSV format in file named "results.txt"):

    1. Year (in XXXX format)
    2. Location (string)
    3. Season, such as "Winter" (string)
    4. Company name (string)
    5. Crunchbase profile ID: use string "google" for url "" (string)
    6. Launch date, such as Demo Day (in "MON X, YYYY" format)

    Once this is created, sent to Jed for verification and entered into Seed-DB, it will be checked daily for any new entities