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Key notes: Apparel eCommerce supplier

Office address: Ravignani 2120, Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, ARG

Description: Ropit features an overall solution for the apparel/accessories and fashion brands that want to sell their products online. Ropit provides three keys services including; a state-of-the-art eCommerce platform (designed exclusively for the apparel industry), logistics and customer care management (fulfillment, order management, etc.), and communication services (such as e-marketing, social media, etc.). Ropit strives to provide an end to end solution to South American apparel brands that want to make the best out of their online sales channel. The company was founded in 2011; headquarters are located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

$ 595,000 over 4 funding rounds.

Angellist Page:

Funding Rounds

Date Name $ Invested Crunchbase link
2013-05-01 angel $ 30,000 Detailed data
2012-03-01 seed $ 25,000 Detailed data
2013-02-14 seed $ 40,000 Detailed data
2013-01-01 venture $ 500,000 Detailed data


Round Date Round Name Investor Crunchbase Link
2013-01-01 venture Start-Up Chile Investor Profile
2013-01-01 venture MercadoLibre Investor Profile
2012-03-01 seed NXTP Labs Investor Profile
2013-01-01 venture NXTP Labs Investor Profile
2013-02-14 seed Start-Up Chile Investor Profile
2013-01-01 venture Nazca Ventures Investor Profile

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