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Key notes: Almashopping is a beauty e-commerce, content and subscriptions model, with a community of 600,000 followers in Latin America.

Office address: Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, ARG

Description: is the 1st ONLINE BEAUTY COMMUNITY and E-COMMERCE REFERENCE in LATAM. Their starting point is recognizing that consumers have changed, and today, a COMMUNITY is a more powerful, more organic and more efficient way of reaching out. The question woman ask themselves today is not “what’s new?” or “what’s on sale?” anymore, but they are rather curious about whom of their friends liked a product, who else is using that product, what are they saying about it and who else is buying it! Their business model therefore replicates the “purchasing process of beauty products” in a 3 step approach: TRIAL, RECOMMENDATION and AVAILABILITY. TRIAL: “Woman like to try the product before buying it” For trial they have developed Almabox, a subscription model in which woman receive a box with beauty samples. It’s a BEAUTY DISCOVERY SERVICE! Model is inspired in the US based Birchbox and European Glossybox. RECOMMENDATION: having a friend or a professional recommending a product, is a powerful purchase driver. They bring the necessary tools to allow consumers interact with the products and their beauty specialists, and they do that through social media and events in the real world. And Finally, AVAILABILITY: Penetration of beauty retailing in LATAM is limited, and finding the product everyone is talking about is not always easy. For that they have developed Almashopping, their beauty e-commerce. At the end of the day, putting these 3 gears together makes a powerful mechanism. Alma Cosmerics is not the old marketing way, its the new way: Consumers market to each other and they build the path-to-purchase over the internet, where their consumers are! Building a community is the way to go to develop beauty e-commerce, and they believe the nature of the market in LATAM makes it the next big think!

$ 1,225,000 over 4 funding rounds.

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Funding Rounds

Date Name $ Invested Crunchbase link
2012-09-01 angel $ 75,000 Detailed data
2014-01-01 venture $ 650,000 Detailed data
2012-07-03 seed $ 100,000 Detailed data
2013-01-01 venture $ 400,000 Detailed data


Round Date Round Name Investor Crunchbase Link
2014-01-01 venture NXTP Labs Investor Profile
2013-01-01 venture Ennovva Investor Profile
2014-01-01 venture Finaves S.C.R. Investor Profile
2014-01-01 venture Ennovva Investor Profile
2012-07-03 seed NXTP Labs Investor Profile
2012-07-03 seed Omar Calvo Investor Profile

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