LAUNCH incubator

Established: 2015

San Francisco, CA, US

Average of $ 25,000 funding for 6.0% equity = Avg Valuation of $ 416,667

Equity required: ALSO: each company will be syndicated for another $25,000 from the LAUNCH Fund and $200k (minimum) to $1m+ from my AngelList Syndicate (depending on how much the founders and the syndicate members want to raise) at a $2–4m pre-money valuation (your call)


7 startups funded

2 exits

$ 0 in total exits

$ 6,408,980 in total funding raised

Name Location Cohort Date # Co's Exit Value Funding Total
Batch 1 San Francisco, CA, US 1/2015 7 $ 6,408,980

Contact Jed if you have updated information for LAUNCH incubator

Created: 11-Feb-2015, 11:30

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